Grafex Super C60

We are looking for Health & Wellness supplement suppliers that are looking for the holy grail of immune boosting, free radical scavenging, anti-oxidant & anti-aging solution on the planet.

With 98% of the human body composed of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon, it's clear that clean carbon filtering is essential for our well-being and mitochondria cellular health.  Carbon makes up 16% of the human body, and has long been revered for its natural purifying properties. With Grafex, we've harnessed the power of carbon to address the modern-day challenge of combating toxins in our environment and promoting overall well-being. Grafex is 99.99% pure and represents the missing link in the Carbon Revolution, providing a solution that's both all natural, effective, & sustainable.

On Demand Sales Management

Calm Seas Management Solutions has tapped a new market in the new business sales arena. We deliver "on demand" sales management services to small and mid-sized companies and manufacturers. I evaluate your current sales process and find ways to grow your new business sales. Engagements normally last for a few days or a few months. There are no long term contacts. Ideal prospects for our services are clients where the owner is serving as the sales manager, there is no current sales manager, there is an underperforming sales manager, or where a salesperson is doubling as the sales manager. We maximize your sales revenue and put a repeatable predictive sales process in place delivering exceptional sales teams. I do the work and get the job done for you. I leverage the investments you have already made in personnel and systems to drive sales to your bottom line. Advice and evaluations are always free.