Calm Seas was founded based on the principles that sales ecxellence should be available to any organization. Rich is a professional sales executive, and sales management leader. He has honed his new business acumen with over 30+ years of selling and managing a few of the Fortune 100/500 companies. The framework and repeatable processes of these organizations allowed Rich to build highly integrated sales teams and promote a culture of coaching, teamwork, and leadership.  His unique combination of education, skills and work experience has allowed Rich to develop strengths in sales process, sales team management, and revenue growth. He is a resourceful and creative problem solver that will uncover multiple solutions to even the most complex problems. His core belief that is better to manage sales, not just people, allows him to navigate through the dysfunction and lack of repeatable processes found in most organizations. Leveraging the current process and an individual’s skills allowing for the proper level of change management for your organization.

His approach is that of interoperability and promoting a company culture of “one team” instead of departments.  Breaking down the silos within an organization requires strategy, willingness, and patience. Poor culture will win out over great strategies unless there is a willingness to evolve.

Rich started Calm Seas Solutions to innovate and integrate a proven framework of sales and management processes scaled for small and midsize businesses and manufacturers. CSMS provides navigational expertise for the management of your business.