Are you a owner or CEO that feels like you can only run the company part-time - because you’re stuck in the weeds selling, being the chief rainmaker, and head of sales? Perhaps your the VP of Sales and don't have time to "coach" your people in the science & art of selling. 

Consultation and high level  benchmarking assessment of your team at no cost to you.

  • You will learn valuable information and if we both agree on a course of action and scope of the project. 
  • The sales/marketing company bloodline has evolved extensively during the last 5 years. Sales used to be an art form and is now more of a science that is part of a tightly integrated operational practice that is repeatable.
  • My Sales benchmarking delivers accurate answers, and objective recommendations. You will have clarity in your sales team, and leaves you with actionable insights along with a road map on what to do next.

If you do not see hard dollar results, I will gladly return you to the "status quo" of your sales team.