Grafex: SuperC60

Healing properties for Health & Wellness Suppliers

We are looking for Health & Wellness supplement suppliers that are looking for the holy grail of immune boosting, free radical scavenging, anti-oxidant & anti-aging solution on the planet.

Carbon makes up a significant 16% portion of the human body, has long been revered for its natural purifying properties. With Grafex, we've harnessed the power of carbon to address the modern-day challenge of combating toxins in our environment and promoting overall well-being. Our purity is 99.9% pure, and has zero adverse reactions to date. 

Grafex recently received a composition of matter patent, marking a significant milestone in our  journey. Grafex is now recognized as the fourth allotrope of carbon, following in the footsteps of its Nobel Prize winning predecessor. What sets Grafex apart is its purity and non-toxic nature, making it a safe and effective solution for various health concerns.

Our extensive scientific testing over 16 years has demonstrated Grafex efficacy in anti-aging, reducing inflammation, and boosting the immune system. Whether ingested orally or used topically, Grafex offers a versatile approach to promoting cellular health and addressing a range of health issues.

We're actively seeking partners in the Health & Wellness market to incorporate Grafex into existing products or develop innovative new offerings. Our carbon material has shown promising results in supporting patients undergoing cancer treatments, promoting healthy skin, alleviating migraine headaches, and much more.

With 98% of the human body composed of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon, it's clear that clean carbon filtering is essential for our well-being and mitochondria health. Grafex represents the missing link in the Carbon Revolution, providing a solution that's both all natural, effective, & sustainable.

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